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How long does it take your enterprise to process a terabyte of data? With traditional storage and backup resources stretching to their limits, it’s time to reevaluate. We’ll walk you through the latest in storage technology. Tap into our Advanced Technology Center to test flash, virtual and object-based storage and next-generation backup and recovery. Together, we’ll create a strategy that helps you establish and maintain consistent visibility and service levels across diverse storage environments, align business-driven tiering requirements within overall storage architectures, and implement data protection architectures that account for virtualized and non-virtualized environments


Providing turn-key solutions and start-to-finish integration, LinkUS will partner with you to manage your entire networking telecommunications systems. Whether you are integrating systems after a merger or acquisition, migrating to IP, escalating mobility, updating your existing wireless equipment, streamlining processes, moving to unified communications or adding new markets, we are your nationwide partner for voice and data systems.


Today’s technology and business environments change so fast that solutions created by software projects can be obsolete by the time they’re delivered. Traditional approaches to enterprise IT aren’t designed to respond to the unprecedented speed and uncertainty. That’s why we build software through short iterations in close collaboration with our customers.


The Internet of Things, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), intelligent WAN and security are driving a new level of connectivity—and changing how you manage your network. We help organizations thrive in an environment that demands constant connection. And as the OEM landscape becomes increasingly fragmented, we take a holistic approach to networking that simplifies your IT investments. Our approach to enterprise networking focuses on data center networking, enterprise campus and branch, high-end routing and optical and software-defined networking (SDN).


Big data is changing what you know. Today, your organization has access to more data about customers, products and systems than ever before. But you can’t gain insights from unstructured data scattered across your enterprise. A big data solution capable of scaling beyond the pilot phase depends on strategic planning. Our experts will build a big data platform, architecture and analytics that take into account how layers speak to each other, as well as appropriate configurations. This process ensures data is transferred accurately from its source throughout all parts of your system.


Setting up a smart home system that fits your budget and lifestyle can be a daunting task. Let us help put you on the fast track and transform this typically intimidating process into an enjoyable experience!