We apologize for any issues you may have had with your order!

To get your RETURN started, please fill out the form below. A member of our team will reach out to you within 1 hour.

To ensure that the RMA is processed correctly and that a full refund is approved, the equipment being returned should:

  1. Be re-packaged in the original manufacturer’s box with:
    1. All original packaging
    2. All original documentation
    3. All original accessories that came with the unit.
  2. Have the original manufacturer’s box OVER BOXED with a shipping box (NOTE : Do not ship back RMA’ed unit in the original manufacturer’s box. If RMA’ed unit is received without an over box, the RMA’ed unit will be rejected and returned back at owner’s expense)
  3. A copy of the RMA approval form sent to you by Link-US, LLC should be placed inside the Over Box (Not the manufacture’s box).

If an Advanced Replacement is requested, Link-US, LLC will contact the customer directly to obtain payment for the advanced replacement equipment. Once the RMA’ed unit is returned and accepted a full refund will be applied to the customer’s account or to customer’s credit card. Link-US will not provide advanced replacement services without pre-payment for the advanced replacement equipment.