Exploring the Capabilities of Juniper Networking Equipment

Juniper networking

Starting a new IT network project can be challenging. You need to set clear goals, assemble a team, assign tasks, develop an agile plan, delegate responsibilities, and oversee the entire project. With so many factors to consider, it’s crucial to partner with a qualified technology provider.

Juniper Networks, a leading name in technology, has shown consistent growth in the market over the years. While it may not surpass Cisco anytime soon, Juniper Networks stands out as a viable option. This post will explore why Juniper networking equipment excels over its competitors and why it is an excellent choice for both users and IT professionals.

5 Reasons to Choose Juniper Networking for Your Next It Project

Complete Portfolio for Enterprises

Juniper offers a comprehensive solution for all your networking needs, including enterprise and service provider networks, data centers, wireless, cloud, and network security. Juniper boasts top-of-the-line products in routing, switching, Wi-Fi, and security, a fact supported by Gartner, Forrester, and other market research firms. These organizations consistently recognize Juniper Networks as a leader in the industry.

Remote work has become a prominent topic in today’s business world, especially with more employees working from home due to COVID-19. Juniper Networks addresses this trend with its “Enterprise at Home” solution. This setup combines Mist Wi-Fi with Juniper Connected Security and Mist Edge, ensuring that users remain productive, secure, and connected. It provides the agility and reliability needed to support evolving business needs.

Security by Design

Juniper Networks Security is integrated from the start in all of its solutions, offering reduced costs and minimized risks to your organization. Addressing security issues early on is more cost-effective. It is crucial to detect both known and unknown cyber threats. Juniper’s Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) solution identifies zero-day cyber threats and stops them in their tracks by enforcing protective mechanisms at every network connection point.

Juniper Networks provides a wide range of solutions and products to keep your data secure. Their security solutions protect your business by unifying network elements, creating a network that is aware of threats, and enforcing security policies at all connection points, reducing the potential attack surface. Among their offerings is the SRX Series Firewalls, which provide high-performance protection with integrated, advanced threat intelligence on a scalable and resilient platform.

Juniper Delivers on the Promise of the AI-Driven Enterprise

As business technology grows increasingly complex, managing the expanding number of users, devices, operating systems, and applications is a critical challenge. Artificial intelligence can help you stay ahead in this dynamic environment.

Juniper Networks, a leader in AI for IT, has developed Mist, which uses AI-driven insights and automation to enhance the user experience. This technology brings reliability, security, and simplicity to your enterprise network. Mist supports both wired and wireless networks, data centers, campuses, and multi-cloud environments. Recently, Juniper Networks introduced four new wireless APs that extend AI-driven WiFi 6 benefits to more industries.

Have You Met Marvis?

Marvis is Juniper’s Virtual Network Assistant. He acts as your digital network expert, supporting your team of network specialists. Marvis is unique because he is the first network assistant to use conversational AI in networking. This innovation changes how IT teams engage with and manage enterprise networks. Marvis speeds up troubleshooting workflows and automates responses by contextualizing requests. He also makes intelligent decisions and suggestions.

The Analysts Are Duly Impressed

When analysts mention an organization, it’s usually a sign that they are worth considering. Both Gartner and Forrester have recognized Juniper Networks.


Gartner has named Juniper Networks a leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data Center and Cloud Networking for the third consecutive year. Their placement in the Quadrant confirms our belief that they provide secure, automated, and AI-driven solutions for your organization. Juniper’s solutions are multi-vendor compatible and suitable for various scenarios, including hybrid clouds, virtualized workloads, and 400G designs.


In the Forrester Wave report on Open Programmable Switches for Software Defined Networks in Business (SDN) for the third quarter of 2020, Juniper Networks was mentioned. The Wave analyzed, scored, and ranked companies based on 32 different criteria, and Juniper was selected as a leader. Forrester notes that Juniper offers a comprehensive, business-wide network platform. Recognizing that customers need more than just products, Juniper Networks has developed various resources to help educate them about the automation journey.

Analysts agree that investing in Juniper Networks is investing in the future.

Supported by Local Partners

With the help of their partners, you can receive local support from a multinational organization like Juniper Networks.

Link US Online has the hands-on expertise and technical knowledge needed to assess your network requirements and to design, implement, and manage Juniper solutions that meet your needs.


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