Best Router for Enterprise – Top Brands in 2024

Router for Enterprise

A router for enterprise is crucial for any business, serving to link computer networks and the internet. They provide higher CPU capacity, enabling better control over location tasks, and offer improved interfaces for Ethernet and WAN Circuits. Additionally, they support features like NetFlow/sFlow MPLS and security measures, including deep packet inspection and WAN acceleration. These routers can significantly boost office productivity.

So, what exactly is an Enterprise Router? Let’s delve deeper. A router is a device that directs data packets between computer networks, ensuring efficient traffic flow. Data packets act as vehicles carrying information between networks, forwarded from one router to another until they reach their destination. While home wireless routers come with Wi-Fi built-in for easy setup, Enterprise routers are more complex and require experienced network professionals to set up and manage them.

A Router for enterprise boasts multiple Ethernet ports capable of handling millions of data packets per second. They come in various sizes to suit different business needs, often in rack-mounted units centrally located within the company’s infrastructure. These routers are crucial for connecting large companies and ISP networks.

Choosing the right Enterprise Router can be overwhelming, but this blog aims to simplify the process by highlighting key factors to consider. These include speed, form factor, software capabilities, reliability, security features, and price. By carefully evaluating these aspects, businesses can select the best router vendors for their specific needs.

Best Router for Enterprise in 2024

Cisco Enterprise Routers

Router for Enterprise

Cisco Systems is a leading networking company offering routers, switches, and other network products. Their Router for Enterprise and Switching solutions enhance network security through high-security protocols. Cisco Routers feature adaptive and agile technologies that make networks more responsive, insightful, and integrated.

With Cisco’s wide range of routers, it’s crucial to choose the right one for your needs, not just the brand. Cisco Enterprise Routers are particularly beneficial for connecting your company’s network to the Internet. Discovering the best Cisco Enterprise Routers for your business will help you make the right choice.

Top Cisco Network Routers:

CISCO Integrated Service Routers (Branch)

Cisco Integrated Service Routers (ISR) elevate Cisco’s “branch office routing” by consolidating multiple system services onto a single platform, eliminating the need for extra hardware.

Here are some key Cisco router series:

  • CISCO 800 Series Integrated Security Router
  • CISCO ISRM 4000 Series
  • CISCO Meraki MX
CISCO WAN Aggregation Routers

These routers offer advanced IP services with scalability and customization at the network edge.

  • CISCO NCS 5000 Series
  • CISCO NCS Series 5500
  • CISCO ASR 1000 Series
CISCO Internet Edge Routers

Located at the network boundary, these routers connect campus networks with external networks, serving both WAN and web purposes.

  • CISCO ASR 1000 Series
  • CISCO ASR 9000 Series
CISCO Core Service Provider

These routers provide consistent communication with operations, scaling easily from single-chassis systems to multi-chassis systems.

  • CISCO NCS Series 5500
  • CISCO NCS 6000 Series
  • CISCO ASR 9000 Series
CISCO Industrial

Designed for harsh environments, these compact routers cater to industrial settings.

  • CISCO 800 Series Industrial Integrated Services Router
  • CISCO 900 Series Industrial
  • CISCO 1000 Series: Connected Grid Routers
  • CISCO 2000 Series Connected Grid Routers
  • CISCO 500 Series WPAN Industrial Routers
Cisco Integrated Services Virtual Router

Part of Cisco Borderless Network Architecture, these routers facilitate business innovation and growth at remote sites.

  • CISCO IOS XRv 9000
  • CISCO CSR1000v

These descriptions should help you understand which series of routers would best suit your business needs. Cisco routers are renowned for their security features, providing end-to-end protection with built-in risk guards. Visit Cisco’s website to learn more about their router for enterprise offerings.

Top 5 Cisco Enterprise Routers

  1. Cisco 800 Series ISR: Offers multiple system services on a single platform.
  2. Cisco NCS 5500 Series: Provides superior IP and scalable IP services at the edge of the network.
  3. Cisco ASR1000 Series: Specifically designed for routers at a network boundary, facilitating collaboration between campus networks and external systems.
  4. Cisco 9000 Series: Known for effective communication within provider cores.
  5. Cisco 2000 Series Grid Routers: Compact, industrial routers designed for harsh environments.

Cisco Common Home & Business Routers

Here are some common home and business routers offered by Cisco, considering factors like speed and security:

Home Routers
  • Cisco Systems Gigabit Dual WAN VPN 14 Port Router
  • Cisco Systems 24 Gigabit Port Switch
  • Cisco RV130W Wireless VPN Router
Business Routers
  • Cisco SPA122 Small Business ATA Router
  • Cisco IOS XRv9000 Integrated Services Virtual Router
  • Cisco NCS 6000 Series Service Provider Core

These routers cater to the needs of both home and business users, providing fast and secure internet connections with various features tailored for different environments.

Cisco’s Carrier Grade Router

Cisco’s CRS-X is a proven product with impressive economics, delivering ten times more capacity over the past decade. It provides advanced service intelligence, system longevity, and efficiency for mobile, cloud, and video services. The CRS-X’s elastic core delivers 400 GBPS in each slot and is both intelligent and programmable.

Cisco Router for Medium-Sized Business

For medium-sized businesses experiencing growth, the ISR Integrated Services Virtual Router range is an excellent option. Part of the Borderless Network Architecture, it allows for remote business growth.

Cisco Router For Home Use

Cisco offers a variety of routers for home use, with the Cisco 800 Series being the most popular. This series is ideal for limited spaces but still offers top-notch cloud connection, wireless capabilities, and security features.

Juniper Enterprise Routers


Juniper Networks is a company that designs, develops, and markets IT network products. It ranks third in market share for switches and routers used by Internet Service Providers. Their product range includes switches, routers, security products, IT security products, network management tools, and software.

One of Juniper’s most popular products is the Juniper MX Series, designed to enhance the bandwidth of MX routers. The Juniper MX80, for example, boasts an 80 Gbps capability and occupies 2U in size (rack units). These routers are scalable, secure, and suitable for various IT environments.

Juniper Router Models Listed by Series

Juniper MX Series

Juniper’s MX Series is closely aligned with Software Defined Networking (SDN), allowing for impressive system density, performance, and capacity.

  • Juniper Virtual MX (vMX)
  • Juniper MX 5
  • Juniper MX10
  • Juniper MX40
  • Juniper MX80
  • Juniper MX104
  • Juniper MX150
  • Juniper MX204
  • Juniper MX240
  • Juniper MX480
  • Juniper MX960
  • Juniper MX2008
  • Juniper MX2010
  • Juniper MX2020
  • Juniper MX10003

Juniper PTX Series

The PTX Series router for enterprise is designed to provide incredible speed, seamless integration, and elegant deployment, reducing the cost of owning a network.

  • Juniper PTX1000
  • Juniper PTX3000
  • Juniper PTX5000
  • Juniper PTX10000

Juniper ACX Series

The ACX router series from Juniper Networks is designed to withstand environmental challenges, reducing the costs associated with maintaining, updating, and operating network infrastructure. Their durability ensures longevity, contributing to higher customer satisfaction levels.

  • Juniper ACX2100
  • Juniper ACX2200
  • Juniper ACX4000
  • Juniper ACX5000

Juniper CTP Series

CTP’s advanced technology enables faster transport times and improved multiplexing. Eliminating point-to-point circuits converges all applications into a single efficient IP network, resulting in enhanced efficiency and streamlined operations.

  • Juniper CTP150
  • Juniper CTP2008
  • Juniper CTP2024
  • Juniper CTP2056

Juniper T4000 Core Router

The T4000 core router for enterprise from Juniper is designed with flexibility in mind, enabling it to support numerous services over MPLS and common infrastructures. For further details on Juniper’s router models and series, please visit Link US Online.

HPE / Aruba Enterprise Routers

aruba router

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) assists customers in implementing technology to establish cloud-based and mobile infrastructures. HPE provides quality services, transforming markets, industries, and lives through its wide range of networking, storage servers, and software products.

HPE offers routers in two main series:

  1. HPE MSR Series
  2. HPE VSR Series

HPE Model Routers deliver high-performance routing with speeds up to 1MBPS. The MSR routers feature high-security, routing, and switching capabilities without the need for additional licenses. All these features are included at no extra cost, making HPE routers highly cost-effective.

HPE enterprise routers are modular and convenient, offering various connectivity options and built-in firewalls for enhanced security. The WAN of these routers combines existing features with newly added 4G LTE SIC Modules.

The HPE Virtual Service Router Series provides similar functionality to physical routers for enterprise but is based on a virtual X86 server.

HPE Router Models

  • HPE FLexNetwork Series MSR95x Routers
  • HPE FlexNetwork Router HSR6800 Series
  • HPE Alcatel 7750 Service Router Series
  • HPE PS110 Wireless VPN Router series
  • HPE R100 Wireless VPN Router series
  • HPE FlexNetwork Series MSR1000 Routers
  • HPE FlexNetwork Series MSR4000 Routers
  • HPE FlexNetwork Series MSR2000 Routers
  • HPE FlexNetwork Virtual Services Routers Series
  • HPE FlexNetwork Router MSR3000 Series
  • HPE FlexNetwork Router MSR93x Series
  • HPE FlexNetwork Router HSR6600 Series
  • HPE FlexNetwork Router 6600 Series
  • HPE FlexNetwork Comware 7 Virtual Services Router E-LTU
  • HPE FlexNetwork 1004
  • HPE FlexNetwork SSR1008

Aruba is a sister company to Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This company provides mobile controllers, switches, routers, and more.

Aruba Router Models

  • Aruba 340 Series
  • Aruba 330 Series
  • Aruba 220 Series
  • Aruba 210 Series
  • Aruba 207 Series
  • Aruba 200 Series
  • Aruba 1030 Series

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