Why Choose Aruba Networking For Your Business

Aruba Networking

Aruba may sound like the perfect place to retire, but it could be the key to your wireless future.

Hewlett-Packard was initially drawn to Aruba networking because of its innovative wireless networking solutions. Hewlett Packard was so impressed with Aruba that they acquired it in 2015. If you’re considering upgrading your network capabilities, let me summarize why Aruba deserves your attention.

Why Choose Aruba Networking?

Aruba’s capability to provide fast and dependable connectivity in various and intricate settings should attract any organization using cloud-based tools. Aruba offers security, automation, and consistent performance, which end users value. Let’s examine the top four reasons why IT professionals adore Aruba.

1. Aruba Wireless = Instant IAP

The performance of a wireless network mostly relies on the integrated access points (IAP). In the past, there were two ways to manage access points. You could adjust each access point separately if you only had a few, less than six.

However, this process gets complicated when your organization acquires more than six wireless access points. Many organizations adopt a controller, a piece of hardware that can be attached to each wireless access point. The controller can then be used to send all changes required to the wireless access points.

Installing a typical controller system may take several hours and requires advanced IT knowledge. But with Aruba networking Instant IAP, the controller is integrated into the access point, so you can manage all wireless devices quickly and easily in a fraction of the time. It takes only minutes to set up, and any IT professional with basic wireless network knowledge can do it.

2. Run Your Wireless Connection From the Cloud

Aruba simplifies managing your wireless network through the cloud. You would use Aruba Central to create a network profile and manage your access points.

3. Boost Transparency With Airwave

Aruba has introduced Airwave, a wireless network tool that works alongside Instant IAP. Airwave integrates into your network and provides comprehensive information about the entire system. It shows a heatmap to the wireless network administrator, identifying areas of high usage, bottlenecks, and dead zones.

4. Get Advanced Partitioning With ClearPass

Aruba’s ClearPass Tool lets you divide your wireless network based on your rules and policies. ClearPass can be used in a hotel to provide faster access to networks for business clients.

To attract customers, hospitality businesses frequently improve their facilities, including adopting the latest technology. Aruba products are worth the investment, especially if you can save on labor costs alone.

Aruba networking

Aruba Networking Products for Small Businesses

You’re not alone if your small company doesn’t have an IT expert on staff. Aruba Instant On can be a great choice for small business owners who need to upgrade their network today.

Here are five reasons why Aruba Instant On deserves the Marco bump:

  1. Instant On software and access points can be set up within minutes, even without expert wireless knowledge.
  2. Small businesses can enjoy enterprise-grade capabilities and reliability, even on a modest budget.
  3. The Instant On mobile app or web portal allows you to monitor and manage your devices from anywhere.
  4. You can easily expand your network by adding more access points to the platform.
  5. Wireless protections like WPA enterprise-grade security, VLAN segmentation, and role-based access control are already included.

Big Solutions for Lean IT

For businesses that are expanding, it’s crucial to have networks that can grow along with them. Overcoming challenges like limited IT staff and increasing security needs is essential for your business’s bottom line. Look for network solutions that offer:

  • Scalability: Ensure your network can expand smoothly as your business grows.
  • Fast deployment: Upgrade your network quickly without any interruptions.
  • Simplified operations: Easily manage and troubleshoot network issues to keep it running smoothly.
  • Strong security: Protect your network and data by allowing only authorized access.

These features are vital for businesses looking to thrive and adapt in a changing landscape.

What Is the Best Solution for Your Business?

You can easily find the right solution for your needs:


Aruba networking controllers and gateways offer centrally controlled security for IT, users, and IoT devices. They provide secure and reliable network access with high-performance WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN.


Our Ethernet switches can grow with your business. Smart, scalable, and secure switches can help expand your edge, core, or aggregation networks, maximizing the benefits of your wired network.

Access Points

Easily managed access points enable quick issue resolution. Aruba’s indoor and outdoor, remote, and ruggedized access points deliver seamless wireless coverage for all devices in your network.

Cloud-based Network Management

Deploy, monitor, and maintain your growing business network with ease. Aruba Central, a cloud-native management solution, offers a single-pane-of-glass management, Zero Touch Provisioning, and more.

Aruba networking

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