Enhance Your Business Connectivity with Cisco Meraki Equipment

Cisco Meraki Equipment

Meraki has been a notable brand in the IT world for quite some time. Cisco’s acquisition of Meraki changed it into the company it is today. Before this, small and medium businesses couldn’t afford top-tier network solutions. They found it hard to buy and handle servers, switches, routers, and other on-site hardware. Our Cisco Meraki equipment cloud-based products have become more affordable and reachable for SMBs only recently.

What is Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed IT company based in San Francisco, California. They offer a range of products, including wireless LAN, security appliances, switch devices, and enterprise mobility management. One standout feature of Cisco Meraki equipment is its cloud-managed design, which lets you manage and monitor your network infrastructure easily from anywhere, at any time. This simplifies complex network tasks, making it a great choice for businesses of any size.

Cisco Meraki Equipment

6 Ways Cisco Meraki Equipment Will Change Your Business

Protects Your Business from Online Attacks

Our Cisco Meraki equipment offers superior firewall and security support. Meraki is a network management platform that offers great connectivity and security to all data and apps. Meraki hardware and software products are updated with firmware and security patches to keep them up-to-date and less vulnerable.

Cisco also adheres to all major security regulations and standards, such as HIPAA in the United States and the GDPR in the European Union. Cisco also conducts third-party audits and daily penetration tests to ensure that users are protected, no matter where in the world they may be.

A Great Tool for Remote Workers

Our Cisco Meraki equipment is a great tool for remote workers, especially if your company has shifted to a hybrid setup after the pandemic. Meraki products can help maintain a consistent network both on-site and for remote work.

Even if employees are working outside the office, they can still access the company’s data centers and programs, whether they’re in a different country or city. Cisco Meraki’s products can be centrally managed, allowing IT staff to extend security protocols to users off-site.

This flexibility is beneficial for businesses expanding or opening branches in other locations. Administrators can monitor and manage networks across different offices or buildings. They can maintain the same security and performance standards across all offices, regardless of distance.

Simplified Network Management with Meraki Cloud

A Meraki cloud network makes network management easier. All Meraki products are compatible with every Cisco Meraki catalog. The Meraki Dashboard lets administrators centrally manage all devices. Recently updated, it helps administrators identify and troubleshoot network problems, and manage permissions, and security protocols, among other tasks.

Our Cisco Meraki equipment enables IT administrators to manage thousands of devices and conduct quality assurance checks around the clock from a single dashboard. They can configure new Meraki devices and products remotely from anywhere.

Easy Scalability with Cisco Meraki

Our Cisco Meraki equipment makes scaling your business easy. Its product categories are divided into three main lines:

  1. Access Devices

Switching: Wireless LAN (MR)

  1. IoT Devices

Smart Cameras (MV)

Sensors (MT)

  1. WAN Devices

Cellular Security (MG)


Cisco Meraki products are scalable, which is a big advantage for cloud-based systems. You can add and remove devices, or even entire networks, in just minutes if you want to expand or downsize.

Additionally, Cisco Meraki offers Meraki as a service (Meraki aaS), allowing users to choose the services they need. This makes scaling easier and more cost-effective for businesses.

Meraki’s Network Frees Up Your Time

Meraki’s efficiency and convenience allow many users to spend more time on other tasks. While network management is crucial, other business tasks demand more attention. Without a centralized system, additional staff may be needed for necessary work.

Investing in a Cisco Meraki ecosystem can bring handsome returns. Meraki equipment is renowned for its durability and long MTBF estimates (Mean Time Between Failure). You can upgrade your hardware long before it reaches its end.

If you’re interested in investing in Cisco Meraki network systems and cloud services, you’re in the right place. Stratus Information Systems, a Cisco Partner, offers consulting, sales, logistics services, and network services. We build large cloud networks for corporate offices and small businesses alike. Our cloud network experts can assist you in creating a cloud-based infrastructure that will elevate your business. Contact us for a free demonstration or to schedule a consultation.

Explore New Business Opportunities

Discovering new revenue streams requires finding innovative ways to work. Wireless products offer advanced features beyond Wi-Fi reliability, opening doors to new opportunities.

Imagine Danny as the IT manager of an electronics retailer. He needs to swiftly launch curbside pick-up with outdoor Wi-Fi to keep point-of-sale devices securely connected to their networks. To enhance the customer experience, he plans to offer free Wi-Fi while customers wait in line. However, any new IT investment must deliver a positive ROI.

Meraki MR wireless access points provide a plug-and-play solution. Within 20 minutes, Danny creates outdoor Wi-Fi for curbside pickup. The built-in location analysis also allows him to report an increase in revenue. By monitoring foot traffic at different locations, the retailer can shift staff to busy times, improving efficiency.


The Real Question: Can You Do It Yourself?

Our Cisco Meraki equipment stands out as one of the best platforms for managing devices on your network. But the real question is whether you can handle it on your own.

Any IT professional with the right skills can configure thousands of devices, monitor their security, and keep them updated. As your business expands, it will demand more resources. Cisco Meraki equipment is a prime example of this. By efficiently managing distributed networking, you can free up more time for crucial business matters quickly, easily, and securely.

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